Marcel Feillafe is a multidisciplinary Artist based in Melbourne Australia. He completed a Master of Contemporary Art at the Victorian College of the Arts at the end of 2015. His work deals with notions of the Ontology of Art using; sound, drawing, photography, installation.

About the “Ontology of Art” - So what is the Ontology of Art, and how does this relate to Marcel Feillafes' Art practice? In order to understand this the first thing you need to understand is what Ontology is. The oxford dictionary definition is that it is: “The branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being.” and this seems to be a good general definition. So a simplified way to think about the notion of an Ontology of Art would be to consider it as a study of the nature of arts existence. And the way that this relates to the Artist, is that they contemplate various aspects of what it means to be an artist through considering; history, medium and theory in order to address and consider questions of why Art.

In addition to his Art practice Feillafe works as a photographer, documenting Artists Art works, performances and projects. To date Feillafe has worked with Artists such as; Skye Kelly, Rebecca Delange, Briony Galligan, Phebe Parisi, Katie Sfetkidis, Sean Kennedy, and Archie Barry.

Feillafe has also worked as a technician for Artist such as Steve Rhall where he as assisted as a Performer, Installation Assistant and programing digital signage. He has worked as a technician at the Victorian College of the Arts facilitating teachers deliver classes and assist students with projects. Feillafe has also worked extensively with Katie Sfetkidis; making Video Walls, documenting Performances, Videography, and Sound production.

Feillafe has worked on a commercial television show, Five Bedrooms which was made by Hoodlum Entertainment and aired on Channel 10 in May 2019, working in the Art Department producing a series of paintings, working to specific design briefs.

If you have any enquiries including proposals for future collaborations or to propose a project feel free to contact Marcel through the contact page.
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