Marcel Feillafé is a multidisciplinary Artist based in Melbourne Australia. He completed a Master of Contemporary Art at the Victorian College of the Arts at the end of 2015. His work deals with notions of the Ontology of Art using; sound, drawing, photography, installation.
In addition to his Art practice Feillafé works as a photographer, documenting Artists Art works, performances and projects. To date Feillafé has worked with Artists such as; Skye Kelly, Rebecca Delange, Briony Galligan, Phebe Parisi, Katie Sfetkidis, Sean Kennedy, and Archie Barry.
Feillafé worked on a podcast from March 2018 to August 2018, Three Belly Belly Buttons, where he produced the theme music, recorded, edited and produced.
In addition to this he has worked as a technician for Artist such as Steve Rhall where he as assisted as a Performer, Installation Assistant and programing digital signage. He has worked as a technician at the Victorian College of the Arts facilitating teachers deliver classes and assist students with projects. Feillafe has also worked extensively with Katie Sfetkidis; making Video Walls, documenting Performances, Videography, and Sound production.
Feillafé has worked on a television program, Five Bedrooms by Hoodlum Entertainment, which aired on Channel 10 in May 2019, working in the Art Department producing a series of paintings for set.
If you have any enquiries including proposals for future collaborations or to propose a project feel free to contact Marcel through the contact page.
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