Play it Again was an exhibition and collaboration with Artist Simon O’Carrigan at Five Walls in May of 2019. The work came out of O'Carrigans fascination with the 1968 Album "Play it Again" a record of covers by the New Zealand band, The Allan Gardiner Accordion Band and released here in Australia by Crest International. Feillafes' response was, rather than an in depth exploration of the material, but instead an attempt to; understand, reconfigure and make his own logic out of this seemingly bad album, intrigued by O'Carrigans interest in this he set out trying to like it through his own intervention. This involved actively attempting to alter his own relationship to the album.
In addition to the visual works displayed in the exhibition, Feillafe performed a new sound work in response to the record with a modified record player and inspired by Dada/Music Concrete.
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